Welcome to The KliknPay Online Registration. Your regular monthly payments can be made directly from your bank account. No check writing, No postage, No late payments!

Before we begin, there are two necessary items that you will need.
    1) A copy of your rent bill to reference your account number. What is this ?
    2) A copy of a check to reference your bank account number and the bank's Routing Transit Number.What is this ?
  • After you have these two items please refer to the KliknPay instructions. Click Here for these instructions.
  • You may also register via regular mail. Please contact your rental office for forms.
  • For the recurring payment option, your account will be charged 2 banking business days before the day you choose. Therefore please review this calender carefully before making your recurring payment date selection to insure that funds will be available each month as indicated on this calender. Click here to view.
  • You must cancel KliknPay if you transfer, vacate or no longer wish to use this service.
Please select your property and click the go button.